“Rebirth”, Personal photo exhibition by Farid Gadirli - PHOTO

“Rebirth”, Personal photo exhibition by Farid Gadirli - PHOTO

“Rebirth”, Personal photo exhibition by Farid Gadirli - PHOTO “Rebirth”, Personal photo exhibition by Farid Gadirli - PHOTO

The personal exhibition of Farid Gadirli  “Rebirth”, dedicated to the seascapes of Absheron, and sensitively reflecting the landscape of the Buzovna coast after they were liberated from buildings last summer.

The rugged beauty of the seaside cliffs of Buzovna, with its centuries-old history, is a significant source of inspiration for both the residents and guests of the ancient village and for the creative elite. Sattar Bahlulzadeh, Tahir Salahov, and Mirjawad created their composite landscapes here, for Mikail Mushfig they were associated with eternal, young love. Unique rock silhouettes served as a natural environment in the production of two dozen films: "Koroghlu", "I want seven sons", "Do not be afraid, I am with you" etc. Behind these rocks, the great Muslim Magomayev performed the legendary "Blue Eternity".

At the beginning of the crisis of the 1990s, the Buzovna coast was illegally occupied by private individuals, there grew huge mansions and villas, restaurants, and the rocks were trapped in high stone walls and overpasses. The unique reef surrounding the two-kilometre coastline was gradually shrinking. In April 2022, only 50 m of free zone remained from the rocky and beach coasts. In the summer of that year, the community of the village, and especially its youth, started an environmental action in defense of the natural landscape, which soon found a wide resonance in the country. Justice was restored due to the personal initiative of President Ilham Aliyev. The special order of the Head of State marked the beginning of the history of the revival of the landscape of the rocks of Buzovna. At the same time, residents began cleaning and landscaping on the coast.

Ecoactivist and professional photographer Farid Gadirli is a graduate of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts with a degree in Cinematography. He has been engaged in photography for about 15 years and collaborates with many magazines. He is a member of the Association of Photographers of Azerbaijan and takes part in exhibitions and competitions. In 2015, within the framework of the "Azerbaijani Family" documentary film festival, Gadirli won the nomination for "The best photo in social networks".

Photo report by Farid Gadirli of the rocks of Buzovna, with the social reflection of the process, a new view of the landscapes of Absheron. The main characters of dynamic angles of photographs are rocks and waves. The peculiarity of the exhibition is the scale of pictures, each of them can become a photo zone, creating the effect of presence on the Caspian coast. It is the humanistic pathos of the peculiar photo chronicle of modern Absheron.

Art critic Sevil Karimova, people's artists Arif Aziz, Aydin Radjabov, Honored Art Worker, Professor Rafig Gambarov, Honored Artist Vugar Ali who spoke at the opening of the event emphasized the significance and artistic expressiveness of the exhibition.